ProFabrication Dirt Late Model Chevy 604 Crate Engine XR1 Black Diamond


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48.00 LBS
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Dirt Late Model, 604 Crate Engine, Rocket XR1 Chassis, Black Diamond, Right side inside framerail, 1 5/8"-1 3/4" Stepped, 4 into 1, slip-on collector, Stainless Steel Exhaust Header.

Includes right side turn down. 

Includes: 2x ProChamber 350 anti-reversion mufflers (102814-01), 2x Muffler Support Clamps (MSC400).  Header is designed to run with mufflers.


  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • Series:Dirt Late Model

  • Make:Chevrolet

  • Cylinder Head Type:604 Crate Engine

  • Tube Size:1 5/8"-1 3/4" Stepped

  • Collector Configuration:4 into 1

  • Make:Chevrolet

  • Outlet:3.00"